Answers to your Dental Implant Questions

If you are missing more than one tooth, have dentures, or need multiple teeth extracted, you may be considering getting dental implants. We understand that your lifestyle is hindered in many ways, from the foods you can eat, to your overall health and even self-esteem.

To help patients understand the treatment, our doctors have created a helpful dental implant FAQ list to answer some of the most common questions. If you have additional questions or want to discuss how dental implants can change your smile and your life contact us to schedule a complimentary dental implant consultation with our team.

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What Are the Biggest Challenges Faced by Retiring Baby Boomers?

As more and more Baby Boomers hit retirement age, they’re left with a growing set of problems to deal with before they can even start relaxing and enjoying their golden years. Making things more difficult is the fact that many Boomers must work within the confines of a very fixed income after retirement. Many retiring Baby Boomers are left wondering what exactly to expect and what are the biggest challenges they’ll have to face. Upon retiring, many Baby Boomers just

Which Questions Should You Ask About Dental Implant Bridges?

You’ve lived with the pain and inconvenience that come from dealing with missing and failing teeth, and now you’ve decided to find relief once and for all. There are a lot of options out there in the world of restorative dentistry, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to make sense of them all. If you’ve decided on a truly permanent solution like dental implant bridges, you more than likely have many dental bridge questions that want to ask, so

Which Dental Implant Bridge Lasts the Longest?

Amazing strides have been made in the world of restorative dentistry. Dentures, once the most common means of replacing missing and failing teeth, are no longer the only solution. Those looking to ditch the dentures can now opt to receive dental implants as a method of replacing one tooth, several teeth, or an entire upper or lower full arch of teeth. There are many options out there in terms of material, leading many people to wonder which dental implant bridge

What are the Best Dental Implant Options for Older People?

Products nowadays are almost expected to be easily replaceable. Everything we use, from our cars to our phones, is meant to last us a handful of years at best and then be quickly replaced for the latest and greatest model. When it comes to dental care, however, one of the best means of improving oral health is through permanent solutions, such as dental implants. There are plenty of choices out there, so what makes for the best dental implant options

What are the Best Alternatives to Dentures in Fort Worth?

So many of us have come to assume the only solution to missing or failing teeth are dentures. Even hearing or seeing the word dentures conjures that age-old image in our heads of a set of denture teeth resting overnight in a glass of water on the nightstand. Millions of Americans are searching for the best alternatives to dentures, but it’s important to figure out the best and most permanent method of replacing missing or failing teeth. For those who

What Health Problems Come From Living with Bad Teeth?

We all know that taking care of our teeth is essential to living a healthy life. A mouth full of bad or failing teeth can obviously make someone ashamed to smile or laugh, but more importantly, bad teeth can lead to poor overall health as well. There are several health problems that come from living with bad teeth, and they can greatly affect your quality of life. An unhealthy mouth, no matter the cause, often attracts bacteria that cause gum

What is the most permanent solution for missing teeth?

As Americans live longer, over one-third of us will suffer from missing and failing teeth.  Our largest generation to date, the baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1964) consumed huge amounts of sugary foods and drinks, which lead to tooth decay.  The fillings and treatments they received as teenagers and twenty-somethings are over 40 years old, with more and more failing every day. Twenty-first century advances in dental techniques and products provide the basis for creating a truly permanent solution

Should I have my teeth extracted and a bridge put in all in one day?

You’ve probably seen lots of ads for bridges delivered in one day. Many people think that ‘if you can get it done in a day, it must be good’. But, the real difference is in the final result, and what a difference a day makes. With one-day procedures, you have your teeth taken out, dental implants put in, and a temporary bridge fitted over the course of an entire day. Swelling that results from oral surgery doesn’t decrease before the